Holy Week

Throughout Christendom this is a week of celebration. This year many of the normal activities are not going to take place in the traditional manner of years past. Praise God our traditions don’t matter. HE IS RISEN! Three simple words that separates Christianity from every other religion on the planet.
I would like us to reflect on another three simple words. IT IS FINISHED! (John 19:30) In Greek this is really just one word. A very common word with many meanings. Jesus use of these words on the cross covered them all.
· “It was used by servants and employees who return to their master with news they had finished the task. Jesus had finished the task God had given him.
· It’s a legal term judges would use to announce that a prisoner had completely served his prison time. Jesus made sure that justice had been served for our sin.
· It was an accounting term meaning a debt had been paid in full. Jesus completely paid our debt.
· Artists used the term when painting a picture to denote their final stroke. Jesus’ sacrifice finished God’s great masterpiece by making it possible for the pinnacle of his creation—us—to be redeemed from our sin.
· Priests used the term when they offered a sacrifice to God to say, “The sacrifice has been made.” Jesus’ death on the cross was the sacrifice for our sin.” -R. Waren

Hey, “It is finished.” We don’t need to do anything to have access to God. He’s done everything! We just need to trust him. Why? Because…
                                 HE IS RISEN!

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