How do you define success?

How do you define success?
I have often wondered how much different answers to this question would be … denomination to denomination, church to church, pastor to pastor and for sure church member to pastor. The secular world might say “achieving predetermined goals.” The bible definition, however, is different. The Lord desires that we discover His plan, obey, and become all that He intended. In other words, for success in the biblical sense, God sets the goals. As with any goal setting process there are long range, short term and intermediate goals. The long-range goal determines the others. What goals has God set for you, for your family and for your church?
Consider this; We ultimately serve Jesus, and He is not concerned with the recognition we receive or numbers attained. He desires our obedience and our best effort. There are many reasons the Lord calls us to serve. First, He rids us of pride and selfishness, allowing our focus to be on Him. Second, we proclaim our love for Christ through our care for one another. Third, God tests and purifies our hearts through service. In His great love, God places us where He wants us to serve, and every task we undertake should be given our all. How do you define success?

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